A beautiful January 2010


Pardon the gap since my last post! I was waiting for something substantial to write about! Pardon me if this post is reaaaally long! I couldn’t help it!

So, a lot of things had happened since my last post! It had been a fantastic new year! We finally moved to our new house, having spent the new year at our previous house, watching the fun and frolic at Royal Orchid from our terrace!

The week after, I had been to a dog show in Chennai where it was really heartening to see all dogs and their masters. I was a bit worried seeing certain dogs being treated very badly by their owners. These people don’t work and earn a living out of copulating dogs and selling the puppies. All I can say is these people are equivalent to “mamaas!”. And there are people who own dogs without knowing the breed’s temperament and characteristics. The other day, I happened to see a Labrador being taken for a walk near our house. When I went near it, the fellow told “Sir, thodatheenga!!! Athu kadikkum!!!” (Don’t touch, it’ll bite!). I didn’t mind him and knowing the temperament of Labradors (as I own one), I approached the lab and he started playing with me. Guess, he was ill-treated all this while, otherwise he wouldn’t have been this close to strangers, even though he is a Labrador, who is very social to humans.

And then Pongal came! I had been to Chennai for 4 days, enjoying good food after several days! 🙂 If you are a bachelor, you would understand my plight! 😥 After returning to Bangalore, I had the chance to go to Aayirathil Oruvan with a couple of my friends. It was a different experience watching the movie. Though the movie stalls at a lot of places in the second half, this film is here to stay. I was really impressed with Karthi and Parthiban’s acting and also Reemma’s. Her lip sync could’ve been better! The 12th century tamil was certainly good to hear. Yet, Selva could’ve chosen a different clan (something fictitious) other than Cholas/Pandiyas as these people were well civilised and the film portrays them really badly! I really liked the songs of the movie, especially Thaai Thindra Manne and Un Mela Aasathaan :). The former has been sung by Vijay Yesudas and he has done his job to perfection! Very good singing! And diction is also very good for someone whose first language is not Tamil. The latter has been sung by Dhanush, his wife Aishwarya and Andrea. Dhanush sir! Neengallam paada vanthutta, naangellam enna sir panrathu??? 😦 Nevertheless, he has sung really well. Another song that impressed me was O Eesa, by Karthik and Andrea. An abstract song! Nevertheless, it captures your attention (be it the special effects or the skimply clad Reemma! 🙂 ). Though the tune isn’t original, it suits perfectly!

Coming back to the song that really impressed me! Thaai Thindra Manne! The lyrics are refreshing and beautiful. There are two versions, a Classical one and the other one, i.e. The Cholan Ecstacy has the first stanza of the classical version + another stanza in Telugu. This song brings the “olam” (sad feeling) of the Cholan king. Well written by Vairamuthu and good composition by GVP. This song syncs well with the present Srilankan Tamil issue too. Thanks to my mom for making me understand what a “Bharani” or a “Kalambakam” or an “eeruketta ethirmarai peyar-echcham” is.

OK! So coming to cricket! IPL-3 has now become IPL v3.0. Looks like even cricket has started adopting terminologies from IT. To top it all, IPL-3 will be telecasted live (nearly) on YouTube. Now, this is really cool! Considering the wretched CAS (Conditional Access System) which employs Set Top Boxes for viewing paid channels like Set Max, this deal with Google will certainly increase the fan base of IPL. Another important issue is the unwarranted snub metted out to the Pakistan players. Though the jingoist in me laughs at the plight of the Pakistani players, the purist contradicts and goes with the players. This could’ve certainly been avoided by the IPL. Now everyone has backed away from the situation and the blame has come to rest on the franchises. Besides, there have been talks given by the Pakistan players saying that they are proven T20 performers, iterating the fact that they are the current T20 champions. I agree, but you cannot say that players like Afridi and Tanvir as proven performers! They are useless fools. While the former just tries to clobber every ball, the latter has been living his life only with that weird action of his. Someone whom I certainly looked for in this IPL was Umar Akmal. This lad has some really good talent and temperament. If he can hone his skills further and gives his best, he can be the next big kid in cricket. I’m neither exaggerating nor being sarcastic here! I’m really excited about this youngster Pollard! This fellow is definitely a talent to look for. Let’s see how he performs for the Mumbai Indians in this year’s IPL. And I have devised a strategy for this year’s IPL. I have been a very huge fan of the Chennai Super Kings team because I’m from Chennai. 🙂 However, this year’s auction didn’t go well as far as CSK is concerned as they only bid successfully for Perera and Kemp. So, to save myself from the ignominy of Chennai fairing poorly in this year’s IPL (or any other team for that matter), I have decided to make a list of players whom I would support. I would work on that list asap and post it! 😀 Let the IPL bandwagon begin!

Proud to be the son of the Indian Republic. Jai Hind!