A birthday to remember


The past week is a week I would never forget in my life. It all started on Thursday, the 28th of August. I was shocked to hear that my grandma (mom’s aunt) had passed away. She had been one of my well wishers and the first one to bless me on my birthday. I was depressed to see her being taken to the cemetery the next day. I had my Project review on the same day, ie Friday, the 29th and we managed to answer every question that was thrown at us except for the last one which was about our work division. We couldn’t find an answer to this and Sai, though he managed to conjure up something, failed miserably. :)

And Sunday was my birthday, the 31st. It was the best birthday I’ve ever celebrated in my life. I thank all my college pals for making it possible. We had gone to an orphanage in Madambakkam and my friends had all the children there sing the birthday song for me. I was moved by that and at the same time enraged after learning that the children had parents but yet had let them live in an orphanage. We conducted a medical camp for the kids and gave out free medicines. And I feel my grandma’s soul would be at peace for sure because I had spent my birthday amidst a lot of kids who long for love and affection.

In the evening, it was the usual gala at Koushik’s place where the fellas got me a cool Black Forest cake which was gulped down in a moment by the others. (They gave me only a couple of pieces :( ).

It was the best (and worst :(. My grandma wasn’t there to bless me! ) in my life. I again thank all my buddies for taking me with them to the orphanage.