An epiphany moment


Occasionally, people stump into a perilous pit only to be surrounded by pessimistic and dismissive emotions. Almost every human would have gone through this phase at least once in their lifetime. There’s no single reason that led to such self doubt but a series of incidents which would be pretty hard to trace back.

In such a phase, having a shoulder to bank on or a sounding board to lean on is amazing and I’m fortunate to have a few friends whom I can rely on to provide me with moral support. I’ve always been a good initiator, but often I’ve noticed myself to fizzle out sooner than I had intended purely due to a lack of motivation stemming from the “What’s the point? There’s always someone else better.” self-doubt. While I do know that this is a ridiculous thought to ponder about, often times it’s hard to get rid of it completely and turn a new leaf instantly. Unless you have a friend who re-iterates this and comforts you and mentions that – “You are your own yardstick. Look at improving yourself from how you were the day before and things will automatically fall in place. Eventually, you’ll be able to connect the dots backwards!”. While deep down this is a well known piece of advice, it really hits you hard when it emerges out of a well-wisher.

Thanks to you, pal!