Article Notes: Change How You Perceive Time


The article talks about how to better use the pomodoro technique for productivity.

Everybody talks about pomodoros; pretty much every engineer would've tried doing it (me included). But the key to improving is to do it again and again.

These are some points that I thought were interesting from the article.

  1. Time ebbs and flows as a continuous stream. Productivity is achievable when the time is chunked up into discrete bits and we evoke a rational response to it instead of an emotional response
  2. Write a goal as to how many pomodoros can you complete during a work day. It's best to include information about your pomodoros at the place where you store your worklogs.
  3. For each pom, write what you'd like to achieve and picturize you completing it.
  4. When a pom finishes, stop instead of continuing till you get stuck. For the next pom, don't continue with the same goal, but have a slightly modified (or smaller) goal.
  5. Factor interruptions into your schedule. You can setup micro-goals for clearing out emails once in a while and responding to any messages.

One thing however I don't agree in the article is its go-ahead to using complex tools. IMO, tools are meant to be simple, especially productivity ones. Agreed, one should like the tool, but to make sure one actually focuses on the work at hand and not the tool itself, it's ideal for the tool to be simple. But of course simplicity is subjective.