Bachelors and houses


Hi folks,

Well, so this is another of my rantings. Every bachelor would have certainly faced this problem. And we, as part of shifting our house, are certainly feeling the heat. First of all, let me answer some FAQs in your mind..

  • Why are we actually changing our house?

    • The seven of us are living across three different houses. We are moving to a bigger 3BHK house.
  • Where are we living presently?

    • Kodihalli, Bangalore
  • Where are we actually moving to? What is the new house like?

    • Murugeshpalya. It is a duplex inside a flat. Looks really awesome. Will post pics when we move in.

Let us move on.

So, we initially started looking for house a good 3 weeks before. We found an excellent house in Wind Tunnel Road, Bangalore which was very close to our office (this is not the house i mentioned before). This house was really good with french windows and good wood work. The house was almost confirmed. When we were about to pay the token advance, we got a call from the owner saying that some crazy fool paid the entire deposit amount (about a lakh) and he is renting the house to him. Besides he had issues with 7 of us staying in the same house. We being bachelors… (EDUCATED, CULTURED, WELL BROUGHT UP BACHELORS)

So, we were back to square one. We had to go home for Christmas the following weekend and resumed our searching back on 28th, Monday. Myself, IIT and Fish roamed across Murugeshpalya in the evening and approached a broker by name Mahaveer Enterprises. He showed the house I had mentioned in the FAQ and we were impressed. We paid the token advance immediately.

We got everything packed and Myself and IIT went today to the broker to finalise the deal and get the sign of the owner on the agreement. The owner’s wife met us and she was OK in letting the house to us. The owner was not in town and will reach Bangalore tonight. Besides, he wants to meet us before giving us the key. Just to make sure that we are bachelors (__EDUCATED, CULTURED, WELL BROUGHT UP BACHELORS) __and possibly warn us about maintaining dignity, decorum etc etc…

So, we are supposed to meet him tomorrow morning before checking in to the house. Enna solla poraano.. We are waiting. Hopefully we shouldn’t lose our cool.

All that OB PTSK has done is built a house and with that rent is now living. Sambaathichu vaazha thuppu illa, ethukku intha hairkku ellam oru life.. Besides he asked 2500 for maintenance (instead of the usual 800) because we are 7 of us. Why do house owners look down upon bachelors? OK. I agree that there are bachelors who smoke and drink. In fact those who are currently living in that house smoke and drink there daily. But they just can’t generalise the rest based on a few. Pareto’s principle will not be certainly applicable here. OK. I agree that owners fear that bachelors might run away with their daughter or someone else. Naan kekkuren.. Enda.. All men have their tools.. Why do you single out bachelors? In fact, youths are the ones who are responsible these days. Paathomey.. N. D. Tiwari, Governor.. S. P. S. Rathore, DGP.. Ivanunga enna youthaa.. pongadanggg…

God.. Please make things smooth tomorrow. We don’t have the strength to go in search of yet another house.

Thirunthugada veeda katti vaadagaikku vittu, velaikku pogaamal sambhathikkum lagudapandiagala…