Bangalore Beckons


So, I’ve moved to the so-called “Garden City” of India. To be frank, no gardens here! Bangalore is as polluted as Chennai. :) />

I’ve joined Starent Networks as a Trainee Engineer and I’m looking forward to overcome that lean patch of mine from 2005-2009. I’ve been with my parents for all these 20 yrs and as this was the first time I’m leaving home to live outside, there were advices from all corners of the family. I hate people telling me to be careful always as if I’m a drunkard and a smoker. My grandma did it and I vented out my anger right on her face. Besides, I took an oath that I’ll die if I touch alcohol or tobacco ever in my life. As I’ve pointed out earlier that only fools will do something bad even after understanding its ill effects. I’m no fool and I know my limitations and have the brain to differentiate between the good and bad.
Anyway, So I’m here at Bangalore after my review which went like a breeze. On my trip to Bangalore on the Brindavan Express, I was rather alarmed to see eunuchs forcibly asking for money from people. The same happened on my trip to Chennai from Bangalore, a couple of days back. Seriously, when will these people get right. Why can’t they derive some inspiration from Rose (Vijay TV Ippadikku Rose)? She’s completed her MS in the US and is one of the respected people in the society. This makes me think I should apply for an Arms license. :D I told this to my mom and she went hysterical when I said I’m procuring a gun for my safety. Guns and arms are taboo in orthodox Brahmin families, :) and ours is no exception.
And the trip on the train was irritating with people throwing coffee cups out of the window only for the face of the person sitting in the next coupe getting covered with coffee. People might think that I’m a sort of Ambi of “Anniyan” fame, but they can be assured of the fact that I would never be a smoker, drunkard nor a philanderer, come what may. :)
And, I’m enjoying the job at Starent and am in love with the accommodation they’ve provided here for a week. It’ll be really difficult to leave this place after a week. :D

So, that’s it for now. Until more, this is Srinath saying sayonara.