Blogging Regularly - An excellent idea


I've always wondered how people find time to blog. Now, I've devised an excellent idea that would inspire me to blog daily. The idea is to list the sites that I visit daily. As I wade through the Internet, I come across many exciting and interesting sites. From today, I’m going to list them.

  1. Animated Recursion

    An excellent resource to learn about recursion. I stumbled upon this site when I was searching for an effective algorithm to perform string algorithm. For you people who don’t understand recursion, this is an excellent resource as you can watch recursion in front of your eyes in the form of Java applets

  2. Dasavatharam and more

    Dasavatharam story is analysed excellently here. It also tells about the concepts of Chaos Theory and the Butterfly effect.

  3. Bit 101

    This is an excellent resource for ActionScript enthusiasts. Contains many code snippets that u can use. Maintained by one of the best ActionScript programmers.