Cognizant Neenga nallavara kettavara


Wokay! I’ve got placed in Cognizant Technology Solutions. You might say “Big Deal!”. I too was a bit disinterested in a company like Cognizant but after I sat for the pre-placement talk, I knew what Cognizant was made of. Cognizant is the fastest growing top-tier IT Services Company and they’ve achieved that in record time. Now, that’s something. They are on a recruiting spree and have recruited 1103 out of the 2600 people who appeared. There was an aptitude test that tested the math skills, verbal and attention to detail. 2199 were selected for the next round which was the usual interview. I was asked some basic Physics questions, a few Communications questions and a few questions on Speech recognition.

So, what’s the reason to my blogging about it? It is that I’ve come across people who despise software as though it is something alien and I want them to change their outlook. Any industry you’re in, you would definitely culminate in a software as it would reduce time and money and people who don’t embrace software are definitely losers in the race. Even though I’m an Electronics student, my heart lies at programming and solving problems rather than having to loiter with a couple of compressed sand particles with legs sticking out.

And there are the others who completely ignore companies like Cognizant just because they offer a lesser pay package. I have no words to express their foolishness. You’ve got to choose a company by its value and worth, it’s employee relationships etc and not the money alone. Of course, I don’t deny… money does have a role to play. But have in mind, Money is not everything and money is not life!

Enough about the placements! Euro has moved to the next stage and it’s getting exciting and better. The first quarter-final was between Germany and Portugal and Germany polished away Portugal by their excellent aerial skills. Cristiano Ronaldo was again in his elements and as someone mentioned in The Hindu, he just passed the ball around and played very little shots. Poor chap! But for his stupid on-field dives, he is a great player. The next match is between Croatia and Turkey and that’s going to be exciting too as Turkey managed to grab that stunning victory from Cech and Czech :) , at the last moment.