Trip to Coorg


So, we finally made it to Coorg/Kodagu on the 21st of November, 2009, Saturday. It was definitely a trip to cherish. We started from Bangalore on Friday night in Rajahamsa (:P KSRTC bus – eppadi ellam paeru vekkaraainga) and reached Coorg by about 6:15 on Saturday morning. We were received by our Guide/Home-stay provider Mr. Bopanna (This guy is a multi-millionaire in Coorg :o). We started clicking photos on our way to Cheliyandene from Madikeri. We saw the Kaveri river in her full bliss flowing under the sun who was trying his best to wade his way through fog and mist!

We reached the home-stay by about 8 in the morning and we were given an hour to get ready. We got ourselves ready for the first trek of our lives (at least for me :P). After a not-so-filling breakfast (chappathis, puttu kinda dish(coorg special)), we started our journey to the hills at about 10 or so. We started climbing at about 10:30. Believe it or not! This is the best place in the world (till we go to Goa 😀 ). Serenity and solitude personified, Coorg’s beauty lies at the giris or the hills. We trekked for about 4 hours covering almost 4-5 hills which could’ve easily been at least 2-3 kms. We then returned home for a short nap (Whew!).

The evening was well spent at the Challavara falls after a look around the new Jungle Gym facility set-up by some foreigner named Ken (Goyyala charged too much for everything.. All we did was look around :P). We bathed in it in spite of the biting cold after a small trek there as well (the path that lead to the falls was so slippery and rocky that Saagar actually fell Boppanna 🙂 and Vineeth too fell down, aching his elbow!). Not to forget, many of us (excluding me and Vimmi) were taken to task by leech boys! Weird creatures they are!

We came home by about 7 or so and had our dinner after a round of cards. We then spent some time around a camp-fire looking at the photos (I looked like a joker in most of them. 😦 ) we clicked and of course gagging and pulling each others’ legs. We then went to bed cherishing the day that was unique in all our lives.

We woke up the next day at about 6 in the morning and got ourselves ready to take the 7:30 bus to Madikeri. We reached Madikeri by about 9 or so and there we had breakfast and went to Omkareshwara Temple, Raja Seat and the Fort and Museum. At about 1 or so, we made our way to the bus stand to take the bus back to Bangalore.

We reached Bangalore by about 9:30 and had our dinner at Majestic only to find that the bus to home was crowded like hell! We finally reached home by 11:30 (after cursing Bangalore buses) and after taking a look at the pics that were clicked, we went to bed.

The weekend was definitely memorable in each of our lives and Coorg is a “must visit” place for anyone who likes to see Mother Nature up close, at her best.

Before I forget! We == Saagar, Vineeth, Pillai, Vimal, Vignesh (Fish), Gowri Shankar and Me. Sad that Gauss, Raghavan, Vicky and IIT couldn’t make it to the trip.

Looking forward to the next best trip of our lives to Goa.