Vettaikaaran engira avathaaram


Spoiler Alert (for Vettaikaaran)! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!! 🙂

So, the last 4 days have been nothing short of fantastic! It all started on Saturday, the 19th. We @ Starent went on a combeny outing to Prakruthi Resorts. Wa! Had a gala time there. Played volleyball after a very long time!

We started the next day (Sunday) by searching for a ground to play Cricket. Phew! We searched for almost an hour and finally reached the ground (Actually.. It wasn’t a ground in the first place! Some old dilapidated car park). It really felt good to play Cricket after a long time (damn! One thing I really missed in my life so far was sports! Making a mental note that Sports should be made Mrs.. from now on!) All we (Me, Pillai, IIT and Gowri) did was test our skills as we hadn’t wielded the willow in the last 1 yr or so! Pillai really bowled really well. Was really quick through the air. IIT’s batting was good. Gowri’s fielding was good. My wicket-keeping was good.. 😛 (Enna panrathu ellarukkum oru department solli aaganume!!!) After almost 2 hrs of tiring Cricket, we returned home.

Suddenly out of nowhere we got a vision! How about going to Vettaikaaran in the afternoon?? The very thought made me shudder with fear! But, we made our minds to embark upon this mission of our lives (Watching a Vijay movie under 3 days of release). After having our (Cricket gang + Vicky) lunch, we started to a loththa theatre near Lal Bagh called Poornima and reached the place by 1:25 for the 1:30 show! A big board saying “House Full” (dei! Theatre full-ah enda House full-nu solreenga) welcomed us. We tried our luck in getting karuppu tickets which cost about 200/ticket! Damn! Vijay padaththa theatre-la paakarathey kevalam. Ithula 200 rubeeskku blaeck-la vaangi paakanumo.. cheppals pinjidum!!! So, we decided to stay back and watch the 4:30 show. So after a brief sleep at Lalbagh, we reached the theatre at 3:30 only to find that all tickets have been again sold out! Ada paavigalaa.. Ticket counter edhukku da vechurukeenga.. Guess the blaeck ticket dealers were the theatre owners in disguise! We got 5 karuppu tickets for 150 (enna panrathu – 200 Rs auto-kku selavu pannittu vanthurukkom).

Cut pannaaa… Padam aarambikkuthu… (Chaary phor my inglipis.. Vijay sir itha padichchaa puriyanumla.. so only i write like thisuu…)

Dr. Vijay ayya 12th padikkuraaraam.. (de ippavaraikkum nee avalavuthaanada padichurukka).. Pirst dialogue – Gear podumbothu beer adikkareengala.. (TR effect eye seeing)..   Avaroda role model one IPS aapicer! IPS maadhiriye ivarum 4 yrs 12th-la appittu aaguraar.. 5th attempt-la pass aanathukku apparam (dai.. evalavu kaasu kuduththa…) IPS padichcha college-laye poi seruraar.. anga oru duppatta keezha vanthu vizhuthu.. athu thaaan anushka! anga oru song vechurukkaanga paaru.. Vijay Antony meeeesiclaa.. Now Villain introducson.. Villain trying to rape Dr. Vijay’s friend (aana thangachee murai).. Vijay showing thangachee sentiment.. calling villain and telling “thangachee-ya naai kachichu paa…” so pirst pight there only! Villain getting kovam and telling corrupt police aapicer to encounter-la pottuthallify Dr. Vijay. Aana Dr. Vijay escaappu.. (INTERMISSION). Then main villain enters (last villain’s father).. Says the dialogue “Vedhanayagam-na Bhayam” 100000 times.. Audience say “Vijay-na Asingam..” :P.. So, main villain takes Dr. Vijay on a tour to see all his asayara soththu.. asayaatha soththu.. then Dr. Vijay takes revenge.. Kills everybody.. All live happily ever after!

Plus points

  • Racy first half.. Even though most of it could be guessed, it is entertaining.

  • Anushka – No words.. Padaththa paarungappa…

  • Vijay Antony’s music – Makes you hum the songs after coming out! There is a sequence in the first song where Vijay and his son dance together. That was good.

  • Vijay’s dance – Nalla thaanya aaduraan.. aana payapullaikku kadhai choose panna thaan theriyala..

Minus Points

– Second half .. all vazhakkam pola.. revenge..

– Anushka – only used in songs.. ava enna kerchiefaadaa.. appa appa mattum use panrathukku..

So.. Padatha paathuttu vanthu thoogittom..

On Tuesday, Raghavan got a couple of tickets for Avatar 3D 9:00 PM show and called me (Annana madhichu.. owwww…). A must watch for any sci-fi movie lover. For once, Hollywood has shown us the impact that is likely to happen if we humans invade alien worlds (not the other way, which is the usual) and that is more terrifying! We don’t want to spoil other planets, considering the damage that our own earth has suffered because of us! Copenhagen aam.. oru vengala kinnam kooda unakku kedayaathu.. kopaila adichu konnuduven.. All that has turned out of Copenhagen is business.. Money for carbon points.. Thirunthave maataanunga…

Overall, an ejjelent start to the week. Looking forward to the Chennai trip.