Where is modernisation leading us to


Another news for the media to bombard and make it a national issue. Over the past 3 days, all the news channels have been focusing on the harassment of the so called “modern women” in a pub in Mangalore. Members of the Sri Ram Sena entered a pub in Mangalore on Saturday, the 24th of January and attacked the women dancing there. The media has then started to blow this out of proportion. Journalists like Sagarika Ghosh and Barkha Dutt have been conducting chat sessions titled “Is India not ready for the modern woman?” or something else.

The modern woman in these people’s view is a woman who can drink, smoke and go to the pub, discotheque etc. Any one who is learned and is aware of the ill effects of alcohol will never ever drink. If you know about alcohol and still drink it, you are a fool. Yes, you are! What is the use of knowledge here? Knowledge is not about getting good grades in school and college and then getting placed in an IT company. Knowledge is something which gives you the ability to make the right decisions. Ask any drunkard, in his steady state (too much of electronics i would say :) ) whether he likes to drink, he would say no. He would want to leave it at all cost but is unable to do it.

In this period of recession, when job cuts are becoming alarmingly high, these people spend about Rs. 20,000 at a pub or discotheque every month. I was watching this show last week on Vijay TV named Ippadikku Rose. It was about the job cuts in the IT industry. A fellow who spoke in the show repented for his actions of going to the pub and spending lavishly when he was having a job. Now he is jobless and feels the brunt. I’m not speaking for the Sena goons who attacked women in the name of God. Atrocious, I would say. But these women (and men too, I’m not a chauvinist) should look at different ways of entertainment than having to go to pubs. Instead of spending there, they can donate the money to an orphanage and spend their time with the children there. You can taste true happiness.

In today’s mechanical world, no one appears to be free to talk to their own children and parents thus leading to an increase in the number of old-age homes. As a true modern man, I vow not to do these mistakes and remain law abiding and true to my conscience. Life is to live and to let live. Let’s be proper citizens and live a healthy and pleasant life.