World Cup Checked


Ever since I started watching cricket (the 1996 world cup), I’ve always dreamt of India winning it. I wanted to cherish the emotions and feelings that would’ve ran through Kapil’s Devils in ‘83. And here it is! After 15 years of wait (for me), the World Cup has come home.

I’ve always liked every player representing the country, and it was at times painful to see people bashing Dhoni for some minor lapses. And what was more agitating was the way these people would say, they could do better than Dhoni. I bet you, those shoes are damn difficult to fill in! A billion hopes on his shoulder to lift the trophy and it is hard to even imagine the pressure. Even though Dhoni said that it would be rude to say “Shut up!” to all his critics, it’s high time these people realise that it was Dhoni (and Gambhir of course) who won the World Cup. Not Sachin, not Sehwag! So, a big middle finger to all you “son-of-a-bachelor”s (Too much of Wodehouse, I presume)!

Looking back on this World Cup, India’s journey has been brilliant. They started the proceedings with a big win over Bangladesh, thanks to that mammoth innings from Viru, followed by a thrilling tie which they plucked it out of England’s grasps after Zaheer came back in the batting powerplay to dismiss Strauss. India crawled their way to victory against Ireland, thanks to a brilliant all-round display by Yuvraj. The next match against Netherlands was comfortably won; India were in the running against South Africa except the last over where Nehra was slammed by Robin Peterson and Botha. This was followed by a brilliant win over West Indies at Chennai. What happened next was history! India ousted Australia, Pakistan and Srilanka to win the World Cup for the second time and the first one in my life!

Indians have always been passionate about their game. If there is one brand that could always sell in India, it is Cricket. Almost all the liquor shops would have run out of stock over the past two weeks after India marched over Australia, Pakistan and finally Srilanka. It is high time we take a leaf out of Dhoni’s mens’ book. They achieved what they could, to do India proud. What have we done? Every Indian must ask this question to himself and ponder. What has he done to this wonderful nation other than helping business tycoons like Mallya? What can he do to make her proud? What can he give back to the Mother who has done so much for him?

There could never have been a perfect time for the World Cup to arrive. It has come amidst allegations of corruption and political turmoil and India needed to show the World what it is capable of. As always, Cricket has saved the day.

My wishes go to every Indian who cheered India to win the World Cup and I urge them to make this nation proud!

Jai Hind!